The only Russian complete cycle production, offering freeze-dried food products
About the company
Research and Development company Lio-Product is a modern Russian plant, that focuses on output of a wide range of freeze-dried products and diets.

We pay maximum attention to all the stages of items’ production: from selection of raw materials and recipes to development of our own types of packing.
Plant location
industrial area in Moscow region
3 000 square meters
production area

Up to 3 tons products per day

planned capacity of the first stage
What are «freeze-dried products»?
«Freeze-drying» is a technology of dehydration of products by means of water molecules sublimation. Simply said, after immediate freezing water in products changes into vaporized state, by-passing liquid stage.

That way we can keep the flavor, use and nutritive properties of the product for maximum period of time. And, in case of correct packing, one can provide long-term storage almost in any conditions.

RND LIO-PRODUCT carries out the production basing on new Russian approach to freeze-drying, that allows more efficient (in comparison with all the existing methods) product dehydration.
  • Freeze-dried product is a fully nutritious item:
Can be stored in any conditions at temperature from +50 to – 50 °С
Do not require thermal processing, ready-to-eat almost immediately after water adding
Rational and healthy diet in any, even the most extreme conditions
Available for compact transportation
Long life period
quality standards, technology, development
The plant is designed and built from scratch taking into account strict Russian an international requirement to food production companies.
Quality, nutritive properties, flavor and long term storage period of our products are provided by means of standardized approach to all the production stages:

  1. Corporate research center, that is engaged in selection and quality control of the products, recipes development, technology optimization.
  2. Cooperation with research centers, universities of food science and technology. Including development and advancement of recipes.
  3. Data base of reliable raw materials suppliers.
  4. Corporate equipped warehouse facilities.
  5. Experienced personnel.
  6. Unique, high technology NOT serial equipment, developed and manufactured according to our request.
  7. Product quality control lab.
  8. Corporate research in the area of product packing. Packing in gas modified environment and under vacuum.
Our approach to production:
  • Freeze-drying advantages
While at standard drying vaporizing occurs at high temperature that leads to destruction of proteins and removing the vitamins and minerals from the product, freeze drying provides immediate removal of moisture from preliminary deep frozen product.
Soft dehydration without destruction of natural biological structures provides possible recovery (rehydration) of the product, its flavor, odor, texture.
By means of innovative packing from RND «LIO-product» the products and diets produced by us do not require specific storage and transportation conditions, and are ideally preserved for the period from several months to 2 years (even more in perspective).
Keep the product nutrition
Natural flavor of fresh food
Storage time up to 2 years
What product will do for freeze-drying
Fruits and vegetables
Meat and fish
Mushrooms and greens
Ready-made meals
Soup and porridge
Dairy products
  • Freeze-dried products are an optimum choice
For tourists
At higher standards to food quality
For military
In case of necessary long term food storage
At minimum cooking time
At critical importance of product weight
Keep nutrition
Freeze drying is the best way to keep 95% of vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, organic acids and other nutritive elements for a long period of time