Freeze drying is a technology of removing water from the product by means of H2O molecules sublimation at low temperature. Simply said, the matter at first undergoes quick dry freezing, and then it is dried without heating under diminished pressure. As a result, water develops from ice into steam immediately, bypassing liquid stage, and is removed from the matter, not affecting protein structure.

Such approach to food products processing allows maximum keeping their structure, flavor and nutrition properties, and most significantly – provide long term storage (up to several years) with no loss in quality.
High stability of products
Extended life period of products
Uniformity and fast recovery to former state at dehydration
Most products of natural origin both fresh, and after thermal processing are hardly amendable to long term storage in natural environment. In order to increase life period and keep physical, chemical and biological properties of food products many approaches were developed: sterilization and pasteurization, freezing, packing under vacuum.

But all those methods have many disadvantages, the main one is serious destruction of the structure, and also the condition of thermally-unstable matters the product consists of, namely proteins and peptides. Simply said, trying to prolong products storage period, their appearance, structure, natural flavor and main part of useful substances are damaged.
is one of the most effective methods, allowing significant prolongation of food products storage period (up to 2 years and even more) with no loss of biological properties
Freeze drying
Technically this process is carried out in several stages
Product freezing, keeping the conditions of maximum safety of the structure
Sublimation in vacuum. Fine selection of conditions for this stage influence directly on the resulted quality
Moisture vaporizing and desorption
Extraction of freeze-dried product from the machine
Packing. Quality and method of packing also influence directly on product safety and flavor
Freeze drying of food products in RND LIO-Product is carried out in conditions of strict quality control on all the stages.

We test the raw materials, design recipes, optimize technology by ourselves and operate our own modern non serial equipment to get products of optimum quality with maximum possible storage life.
We pay attention to packing and storage of finished goods not less than to the production itself. Specifically, the correct and highly technological packing, designed in RND LIO-Product lab, provides long term life period of each product in our production range.

We use packing method under vacuum or in modified gas environment. This is a method of final product processing proved by decades - the air inside the packing is changed with a mixture of inert gases. As a result, oxidation process slows down to the max, and food is stored without reproduction of fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Advantages of the method:
Environmental performance
Optimum compatibility with freeze drying
Our lab experts work daily on improvement of approaches to production, packing and storage of finished products, to make freeze drying even more universal method of any food preservation!