Research and Development company LIO-product is a modern Russian plant, focusing on the output of a wide range of freeze-dried products and diets.

We pay maximum attention to all stages of product producing: from the selection of raw materials and recipes to development of our own packing types.
Our labs are in constant process of improving technological processes and new recipes. This is necessary for constant expanding of assortment range and increasing storage period of our products, and also for reducing the expenses, making freeze-dried products more available.

Scientific approach is very important for qualitative freeze-drying, because this process is complicated and multi-stage, intending constant parameters control:
The key factor at freeze-drying of protein and peptide structures, to which food products also relate, is long term stability. Proteins are labile molecules, the structure of which requires strict control of water quantity in the composition — both in the process of sublimation, and after it ends.

The problem of protein instability at freeze-drying can be solved only by means of constant optimization of recipes and strict control on all the process stages, and also usage of auxiliary materials: cryoprotectors, exipients, regulators.

Namely careful selection of recipes and methods for each exact product is what specialists of research labs of RND LIO-Product do.

As a result – perfect quality of products with maximum preservation of flavor and nutritive properties